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How To Clear Data From Partition With Freeware

It is well known that restoring files via data recovery software has been out of question, so simple deletion and format aren’t enough to protect the security of the private data (like business files, personal information, etc). When deleting a file, it isn’t really cleared – it stays on the hard disk, even after you…


How Can Freelancers Enjoy More Financial Security?

When self-employed, the matter of financial insecurity tends to overshadow the liberties and all other advantages. Lately, the industry has been graced by the presence of a new range of companies, with the aim to address this main issue of self-employment. There are now bespoke solutions for a specific range of professionals who aren’t always…


Wearable technologies change your workplace

We just saw an AMAZING video of Brent Blum, Director of Wearable Technologies at Accenture talking about the future of IOT — The Internet of Things. He describes a very intelligent workplace of interconnected products, computers, networks and beacons. We suggest going to check out the video yourself on the Samsung/Economist micro site. Besides the…